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DER-GOM. The art of mixing rubber

DER-GOM was founded in 1967 and has become increasingly specialized over the years in the study, production and sale of rubber compounds. It has established itself in the market with a consistent and strict policy on superior quality and a Research & Development Laboratory that allows it to design and offer highly qualified and specialized customized solutions.


DER-GOM has always offered products of high technological value to the market, formulated to satisfy the most advanced specifications in various sectors. Thanks to constant research and close customer contact, DER-GOM is able to supply a wide range of rubber formulations today, both Natural: NR and Synthetic: SBR-BR, NBR-HNBR XNBR, IIR-BIIR-CIIR, EPM-EPDM,AEM-ACM, VMQ-FMQ, CR, CM-CSM, CO-ECO, AU-EVM, FKM.
It is able to meet demands both in terms of specifications and the specific technical and process requirements of its customers.


DER-GOM was founded in 1967 and has always offered high-technology products to the market, formulated to meet the most advanced specifications of various sectors such as: automotive, railway, compounds for the defence industry, electric cables, household appliances, marine industrial and footwear.

All our formulations consider specifications as well as the changing needs of each customer, thus offering the best balance between quality and processability.

Research and development

The R&D Centre is the heart of DER-GOM, establishing it in national and international markets in terms of its ability to design, develop and produce customized and highly specialized solutions for the most complex applications in the industrial and automotive sectors.

The laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge tools related to analytical technology and evaluation of rheological and physical-mechanical properties of each type of compound.