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A wide variety of compounds for industrial applications.

Most moulded elastomer pieces produced from our compounds are intended for the construction of machines and equipment, for the chemical industry, the construction sector, technical instruments for measurement and regulation, the oil industry and shipbuilding. Another key area is related to applications for the supply of drinking water and the food industry.

Many manufacturers of products for the industrial sector, both in Italy and abroad, have relied on DER-GOM quality for years. To this end, we work together with major suppliers of systems, developing and producing compounds that are suited to the growing needs of the sector: bridge bearings, insulating mats, sanitary fabrics, expansion joints, conveyor belts, sanitary systems, conveyors, ball valves, food products, fabrics for transformers, heat-resistant wheels, hot water bags, adhesives, diving equipment, MOKA seals, transparent para rubber, blood plasma caps, acid-resistant valves, PPE (personal protection equipment), gloves, fire-resistant belts, rubberized cylinders...

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